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The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Contributing constructively to the society is core to the values of  The Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi.

In the sphere of giving back to the society, the hotel actively volunteers with IIMPACT{an organization dedicated to providing primary level education to the Girl Child through 560 Learning Centers spread across 7 states of India}  that  contributes to the  pertinent cause of Girl Child Education.

IIMPACT is a revolutionary organization formed by the alumni’s of IIM Ahmedabad (India’s leading business school) batch of 1978. Which works towards the pertinent cause of enhancing the quality of girl child education in some of the most rural areas of India. Since its establishment the organization has successfully established a  positive impact in the lives of many.

The HR and Training department of the hotel was actively involved from the very beginning in identifying an apt learning center which would be adopted by the hotel. A door to door survey was conducted to identify the girl children out of schools. The survey was not just for data collection. It enabled discussion with each and every family on the need to send their daughters to school. The survey concluded in a public meeting where it was established that District Mewat of Haryana is among the worst affected areas and the illiteracy levels go upto mere 4% in certain dominant castes.

To achieve the overarching goal of the business – which is making a difference in the lives of others, the hotel adopted the IIMPACT learning centre in Ghaseda village of Mewat region, Haryana, located 30 kms from Gurgaon and 20 kms from Sohna. The HR department of the hotel is extensively involved in supporting the center throughout the year and organizes special awareness campaigns  to combat the  perennial problem of illiteracy in the District of Mewat.

The IIMPACT Learning Centre at Ghaseda supported by the Westin Gurgaon, New Delhi supports 29 girl children between the age group of 6-14. The center provides primary education through trained female teachers and has a sustained platform that involves students in extracurricular and confidence developing activities .

A usual day in the life  of these girls entails enormous work at home and fields, fetching water, collecting fuel wood, taking care of siblings and act like little mothers. They also work relentlessly, in all seasons, as agricultural labourers. At the end of the day these tired girls just collapse with body aches and pains about which they cannot even complain. Although Haryana is a developed state, in terms of literacy rate, the State is ranked 20th in the country and the female-male ratio stands at an alarmingly   861:1000 which is lowest as compared to other States, as girls are often killed and seen as an undue burden on the family.

Through the learning center at Ghaseda with the help of the hotel, IIMPACT has been successful in mobilizing these girls, instilling confidence and transforming the girl child of India from workers to students.

The hotel has not only established a culture of education in the village but is also involved in selecting the right curriculum, teaching and training methods. The HR and Training team also pro-actively monitors how the annual sum is utilized for girls ensuring a conducive educational environment  is maintained for the girls.

Had it not been for the hotel's commitment to the society  the village, many of these girls would have landed in to bonded labour, early child marriages and forced into prostitution.